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Our offices provide quality, experienced and personal legal representation, for all types of cases throughout Michigan: personal injury, employment issues, business, contracts, probate or real estate claims, divorce, child support and custody issues.

We are here to help you with your legal needs, whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, or if you are involved in pre-litigation discussion. Keep in mind that you have important legal rights to protect, and there are time limits for pursuing different kinds of cases or in responding to a claim or charge. At the very least, you should consult with an attorney. Contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss various methods of trying to resolve your dispute at an early stage of the proceedings so that you will save in court costs and attorneys fees.

Over the years, we have handled hundreds of cases involving millions of dollars of claims. We strive to meet your needs and to get you the results you deserve.

Philosophy of Representation

With well over 25 years of legal experience in Michigan courts and significant experience in many areas of commercial, insurance and personal injury litigation, my office understands that legal disputes arise in virtually every area of human relationships including disputes between businesses, between businesses and individuals and between individuals. Law suits result. Most judges push for settlement before trial and an extremely high percentage of suits settle before trial. Often the only winners in litigation are the attorneys because the attorneys' fees in reaching that settlement denied the client much of the fruits of the settlement. We counsel our clients on the aspects of litigation and we work hard in resolving these disputes early through expert negotiation and/or alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Often, however, litigation is the only answer. When it is, we have the extensive training, experience and ability to provide outstanding representation in court. Often, the "big" firms give their clients "cookie-cutter" patterns of litigation resulting in unnecessary expenditure of time and effort, unnecessary depositions. Word processors and large clerical staff have led to abuses in compiling massive pre-trial discovery with many irrelevant questions and extensive document requests. My office provides each case with a custom approach designed to produce the best result in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. That is not to say that litigation is cheap. In the appropriate case, however, a contingent fee or fee-based-upon-outcome may be more desirable to the client than an hourly fee.

As an experienced trial attorney litigating statewide in all of Michigan's courts, this office represents a diverse group of clients, including individuals, professionals, corporations, partnerships, employees, financial institutions, governmental entities, and insurance companies. We regularly speak to experts in virtually every endeavor -- doctors (all specialties), engineers, architects, economists, accountants, psychologists, lawyers, CEOs -- even professional athletes and entertainers. Understanding the technical language of each discipline is key in being able to communicate the nature of the dispute and the reasoning of the proposed outcome to judges, juries and arbitrators. This wide range of experience allows this office to provide each of our clients with an inter-disciplinary approach in resolving their business or personal dispute.

A representative sample of the types of cases handled by our Firm includes the following:

Business Commercial Litigation
Contract Litigation
Employment Litigation
Insurance Law
Personal Injury/Auto Accidents
Intentional Torts
Premises Liability
Products Liability
Highway Litigation
Accident Reconstruction
Construction Litigation
Real Estate Litigation
Wrongful Death Actions
Appellate Practice
Alternative Dispute Resolution (Arbitration, Facilitation)
Professional Liability
Business Contracts
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Sales Commission Disputes
Trade Secrets
Probate Disputes, Claims, Will contests
Divorce, Custody, Support, Visitation
White Collar and Victimless Crimes

"Jack of all trades, expert at none"? Nothing can be further from the truth. It is necessary to be completely expert in each and every aspect of representation. Although these areas of practice are extremely diverse, they can be broken down into these basic elements: Technical/medical expertise, financial expertise, common sense, understanding of the law, a complete understanding of Court Rules and Rules of Evidence, and the ability to effectively reason and communicate. Those are the key elements to the success of this office and have given us Martindale-Hubbell's®
the highest pe
er review rating of AV© , "outstanding", from lawyers in the State of Michigan. Our business is generated, not by clever advertising lines, inflated promises or jingles, but by satisfied clients who refer us to their associates, families and friends, and by attorneys and former opponents who were impressed by the quality of our representation.

Please contact us by telephone or through our "contact us" page if you wish to discuss your case or have your questions answered. We assure you that your telephone calls and inquiries will be responded to quickly, professionally, and personally. All initial consul
tations are free and are protected by "attorney/client privilege". This assures you that your contact will remain confidential, even if you do not retain us.